Week 1: Maximum Value = Full Participation


Curiosity is the gateway to everything you know you want and comfort is like a beautiful prison.” Sarah Jessica Parker.

Spark Groups are not about convincing you about new ideas. They are about trying on new ideas to see how they fit. Get curious about why or why not you want to try them on.

“More information often does not translate into different actions. People search for the key to performance in places where it is easy to look, rather than in the dark, unfamiliar and hidden places.” Three Laws of Performance.

Get used to being uncomfortable. The faster you expose your weaknesses, the faster you grow.

Maximum Value = Full Participation

Avoidance. What you avoid. How you avoid. What are you currently avoiding?

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My Risk:

To fully participate in something that you have been avoiding. Committing to be there and on time for full participation for next 7 days.

It's strongly recommended that you take action on your RISK in the first 24 hours after your SPARK session!

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