Week 2: Comfort vs Growth


“Pain is inevitable. Wisdom is choosing the pain that produces the growth you want in your life.”

Curiosity leads to discovery. Opposite of curiosity is defensiveness or judgement. It’s impossible to be curious and defensive at the same time.

We normally love and need to be off the hook. But on the hook is where you grow. Off the hook is where you’re comfortable. You are the only one who puts yourself on and off the hook.  There is more pain being on the hook. But the object of the game is to pick your pain to make it all worthwhile.

Grace is not letting people off the hook. Grace is creating the opportunity for them to grow. If you want to grow, you need to be free to fail.

In the bullseye of our values, our centre ring is either growth or comfort. This shows up in our life and decisions.

“Somewhere along the line, humans have confused comfort with happiness.”

Distress vs Eustress, it's your choice!

Eustress = stress in your life that makes you feel good, challenged and energised. It’s a positive response and perception to the stressor.

What are you capable of? No one can hold you accountable if you don’t want to be.

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My Risk:

Think of a situation in the next 7 days will you put yourself on the hook for? What situation are you going to choose to be uncomfortable for, so that you can experience the growth you want in your life.

It's strongly recommended that you take action on your RISK in the first 24 hours after your SPARK session!

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