Week 3: The First Two Laws of Performance


“Better to misspeak than to not speak. For it is in misspeaking that we learn. In not speaking, we learn nothing.” Soren Kierkegaard

Language changes the way we view things.

1st Law. Everyone behaves according to how the world occurs to them. The art of self-leadership is to be able to differentiate the event from your perception of the event.

2nd Law. All occurrence is rooted in language. Changing the language you use is a shortcut to a better future.

Your inner voice takes up much of your awareness. The key to performance is not pushing new conversations about strategy or reorganisation into an already cramped space. Instead, it is about clearing out the clutter.

Examine Disempowered Language vs Empowered Language

Disempowered = You are born powerful, but you use your power to convince yourself and others that you are not powerful enough to create a life you want.

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My Risk:

Find or uncover an event or misunderstanding with someone and ask questions to discover how the event was perceived by them. Have a conversation where your only goal is to discover their perception.

It's strongly recommended that you take action on your RISK in the first 24 hours after your SPARK session!

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