Week 5: Problem or Pattern?


A problem is an issue that has a clear point of pain and a solution.

Patterns are problems that come back again and again. It becomes the way you handle problems in the same destructive way. It becomes part of your identity.

Our brains work by having a conclusion and gathering evidence to support that conclusion because our brains are addicted to being right and will push us towards Comfort, and away from Growth. This is a Racket.

To beat a Racket you need to break it down. What are the (usually hidden) payoffs and benefits for you? What are the costs to you?

The vaguer our complaints are, the more scary and less resourceful it is.

If the chronic complaint has a solution that you are not choosing it is a racket. It's a pattern that you are choosing! This is the chance to get curious about WHY you are choosing this pattern for your life.

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My Risk:

Using the Anatomy of a Racket, break down a racket that you are running. It's helpful to use the following sentence to know if you have been successful. 

In the past (fill in the blank) but from now on (fill in the blank)

It's strongly recommended that you take action on your RISK in the first 24 hours after your SPARK session!

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