Week 8: Major Motion Picture?


Toy Story 2’s creation. It almost didn't happen. But Ed Catmull and the team at Pixar's commitment to being extraordinary meant they achieved the "impossible". 

Ask, Who is responsible for this……(fill in the gaps)?

We can’t do surgery on ourselves.

“At any given moment, I believe I am doing/thinking something radically wrong, but don’t know what it is.” Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc, Pixar.

Development and growth is energising. Maximum value is replacing comfort with growth.

You are a very fluid concept right now.

The first reason you give for breaking a commitment usually belongs on the manure heap. You break commitments because you are more committed to something else - usually one of the 4 Jets.

Your life can be a Major Motion Picture if you want. Are you willing to do the work, to learn, to be uncomfortable, to grow, to create the future you want.

ReWrite the Future!

My Risk:

Find someone in your life, like a line manager or family member and have a go at explaining in your own words what you've discovered about yourself and your potential through SPARK groups. Give them permission to hold space for your to keep growing and discovering what you're capable of.

It's strongly recommended that you take action on your RISK in the first 24 hours after your SPARK session!

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