Why Ignite groups?

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Because growing never happens accidentally. 

Life is short, too short to just exist. It's time to find out what you are REALLY capable of?

An Ignite group will help you discover what you are capable of. You will discover what it means to:


What makes Ignite groups different?

secret sauce?

Have you ever had a meal where you know the ingredients, but somehow the cook or chef has put them all together in a way that changes how you view food forever? A perfect Margherita Pizza? A slice of cheesecake? Maybe it's a steak? Or an ice cream sundae?

Ignite groups have been written and assembled with a Secret Sauce. Our Secret Sauce is how Ignite groups are presented. It involves Exposure, Experimentation and Examination. Led by Lead Different certified Ignite coaches who are trained to serve you with Honesty and Integrity in order to give you maximum opportunity for Growth.



We don't hide it - a lot of the information in Ignite groups isn't original. But has been curated and organised in a very specific manner. To just have information dumped on you doesn't do much. In fact most of the time it inoculates us against the information having an impact on our everyday lives. 

The information presented at Ignite groups has the potential to be powerful, but until you begin to DO something with the information it's worthless - so we didn't stop at just giving information, we kept working!



Each week you are given the opportunity to experiment within your own life. To try on new attitudes and ideas and see what results you get. This opportunity to experiment in your own life is a major part of the Secret Sauce. If you take the opportunity to experiment, it will lead to unprecedented growth in your life! 

Experimentation is when the information presented begins to gain some power to make an impact. The experimantation is where the rubber hits the road, and the real fun begins!



"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates

Once you have experimented with the information and tried on some new beliefs and behaviours, we reflect on the effect on your life and performance. No one is forced to do anything or change, but now we are aware of the choices we are making. This leads us to a choice about who we want to be and how we interact with others and ourself in the future. 

What areas can I expect to grow in?



What does "Increasing Performance" or becoming a "High Performer" actually mean?

There is a lot of meaningless jargon around the idea of high performance. Is it a matter of just adding more "stuff" to your already packed schedule? We like to define High Performance as "Redefining what is possible for you".

To do this "redefining" we have designed Ignite groups  to give you the opportunity to build a growth mindset. To look beyond the results you have achieved in the past, to discover what you might be capable of. 

You will discover how to increase your strength and resilience, to become "AntiFragile".

You will discover how to overcome your two biggest challenges in life and leadership.

ReWrite what you expect from yourself and transform your life.



Diversity is more than just having women or people with different  pigments or sexuality in leadership. True diversity is when people are allowed to bring their whole selves to their job or situation so that we all get maximum value.

How do you create an environment where people are encouraged to be true to who they are as leaders and to hone those skills instead of just becoming clones of other leaders?

Diversity means moving beyond historical models of leadership with a "one size fits all" and helping you discover what it means to develop YOU as a leader!



What does it mean to lead with vision?

Do you know how to create a vision which energises and challenges you and everyone in your team? An IGNITE group gives you the tools to create a compelling vision that propels you into a future that excites and energises you.

Ignite groups will help you and your team move beyond your usual results to craft a compelling Vision that's fueled by a passion to see it come to life.



"High Trust can't rescue a poor strategy, but Low Trust will always derail a good one" - Stephen Covey.

How do you build a culture that energises, that innovates, that self motivates, that creates and builds trust?

Ignite groups build a culture of Trust through developing individual Self-Trust and also building Relational Trust.

Language is powerful, Culture is created through language, Ignite groups give you new language to drive your Culture with credibility, trust, transparency and loyalty. Ignite groups help organisations create a common language that deliberately builds the culture into what leaders seek and others want to follow.

Let's talk about Ignite groups and You

We'd love to talk about how Ignite groups can make an impact in your work and life. There are a few ways we can go about this, Here are the options:

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