We all want to offer our team or staff leadership and training that excites people. We offer you a solution that is engaging, transformative, and satisfying. We can work with you to tailor the workshops from a lunchtime, half day, full day or over a weekend.

…Lead Different sessions last weekend far exceeded my expectations…

…It’s not often I leave a workshop or seminar thinking long and hard and about how I am going to implement it, but this workshop was bang on for that! The things we talked about keep coming back into my head, and under my skin, so I know that it has resonated deeply…

…I loved it SO much that I can’t read my handwriting as I was writing so fast!…

At Lead Different, we take pride in delivering workshops that go far beyond expectations to provide extraordinary results with an increase in performance, quality of relationships, and team culture.

We specialise in workshops designed to help your team become experts in Self Leadership the areas we focus on are:

  • Curiosity, it might have killed the cat, but you’re not a cat, and curiosity is one of your greatest assets. Discover how to leverage your curiosity to gain clarity in your life. Clarity about how you relate to yourself, the world and why you get the results you get.

  • Vision. It’s more than what you learn about in an MBA. It’s more than just a collection of buzzwords on company letterhead. Vision can propel you to take radical action in your life and work.

  • Risk. The only way to grow is to risk, yet most of us see Risk as a dirty word. What if you began to understand the power of the right risks to propel you towards growth.

Lead Different took us through a day of leadership training and development and it was a phenomenal experience.
Their approach is unique and takes you beyond the stock standard approaches to leadership development. They help you to dream bigger than you have before and they give you clear pathways on how to move toward tangible results in your own life.
Every staff person left with both a desire to go further and the tools to start getting there. 
I cannot recommend Lead Different highly enough! 
— Dean Groetzinger - True North

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